Vision and mission of Rasche Umformtechnik GmbH & Co KG

Rasche Umformtechnik GmbH & Co, with its heat forming and finishing divisions, develops and produces products for a wide range of industries. Our focus is on the innovation of products and processes aiming at the greatest added value for our client’s benefit. Our products are characterised by competitive prices and great technological benefit. Throughout, our innovation equally involves the aspects of technology, resource consumption and labour protection. To meet this standard as well as our obligation to protect the environment, we have set ambitious goals for which we:

  • invest in future-oriented materials and their conversion;
  • operate highly modern and efficient material development and production, where reducing resource consumption enjoys top priority;
  • produce high-quality serial products and implement continuous improvements in our production process. Throughout, we take into account our process input and output parameters with regard to effectiveness and efficiency. Any environmental and energy-relevant aspects are also among our input and output parameters, thus entering the continuous improvement of our processes;
  • focus our production on meeting rapidly changing client demands with regard to quantity and delivery dates;
  • operate a procurement process adapted to the global market realities, taking advantage of all potential to secure our serial production and the environment by supporting the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services, which are suitable for improving energy-specific performances;
  • strengthen our competitive position by targeted cooperation both internally and externally;
  • support the abilities and skills of our employees, while meeting all current and future requirements for our company on the market and as part of society;
  • further develop our location using a qualified and comprehensive environment and energy management system that also takes into account all applicable laws and ordinances as well as an optimised site layout;
  • bind ourselves to continuously decreasing and preventing our impact on the environment, while committing to energy-efficient performances which type and scope of energy use and consumption are appropriate for our company requirements,

commit to adhering to the relevant legislation and standards relating to environmental and energy, as well as other requirements (e.g. interested parties such as the public/ residents, etc.)