Metal. At its best.

That's Rasche.

Rasche is a company specialized in processing raw steel and titanium. This is our material. We use it to develop, to form, to produce high performance products, which are used in technical systems of highest standards

We deliver best quality. And we like to convince you to see the advances of our optimized and certified processes.
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Optimized processes for optimized products.

  • 3D Modelling
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulations
  • Material Flow simulations
  • CAD / CAM support
  • Steel and titanium
  • Fully automated forging press
  • Press load from 1,600 to 3,150 ton
  • Billet weights: 0.2 to 18 kilogram
  • Calibration presses with 1,000 tons pressure force
  • Surface sandblasting systems
  • Crack testing by magnetic powder method
  • Machining with two to four spindles
  • Turning and milling center
  • 3D measuring machine to optimize the assembly process
  • Assembly of complete assemblies.

Safety & Transparency: Certification

Standardizing is an established part of trusted and professional processes and techniques. This also applies to Rasche. This is the reason we keep a close eye on regular and broad Certification.

ISO 50001 - 2011
IATF 16949 - 2016 (OEM Supplier)
ISO 14001 - 2015
ISO 9001 - 2015 Guidelines for pressure equipment directives    XXX   and XXX fact sheet
and many more...

A competent partner for many branches

Custom vehicles
Custom vehicles
Machine engineering
Machine engineering
Energy supply
Energy supply
Industrial vehicles
Industrial vehicles

Rasche at a glance.

  • Founded: 1925
    Since 2021: Company of the Mutares SE & Co.KGaA
  • Batch sizes: from 1,000 to 1,000,000
  • Billet weights: 02 to 18 kilograms
  • Press load:1,600 to 3,150 ton in four forging lines
  • Forging capacity: 20,000 tons 
  • Location: Plettenberg. Employees: 180