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Rasche Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Unterm Grünen Berg 2-4
58840 Plettenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 2391 / 604-0


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Foto Mick Wabbals

Mick Wabbals

Managing director
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-0

Foto Jan Budelmann

Jan Budelmann

Head of Sales / General manager
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-129

Foto Benjamin Emme

Benjamin Emme

Phone: +49(0)2391 604-259

Foto Michael Kremer

Michael Kremer

Head of Accountancy and IT coordinator
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-128

Foto Kai Uwe Rippe

Kai Uwe Rippe

Product manager Technical trade ware
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-284

Foto Olaf Hoppe

Olaf Hoppe

Head of Quality Assurance
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-220

Foto Dennis Schöttler

Dennis Schöttler

Heard of Toolmaking
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-268

Foto Sascha Wach

Sascha Wach

Head of Technical planning
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-218

Patrick Ashoff

Head of Maintenance
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-210

Foto Wolfgang Hoffmeister

Wolfgang Hoffmeister

Head of Human Resource
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-152

Dennis Klingbeil

Head of logistics and procurement
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-255

Katharina Sosna

Phone: +49(0)2391 604-124

 Foto Helge Hessmer

Helge Heßmer

Key Account Manager (IHK) / Distribution
Phone: +49(0)2391 604-154

Jörg Bongard

Phone: +49(0)2391 604-132

Marcel Ziegler

Phone: +49(0)2391 604-131